What are the risks of gaming? What are the risks of gaming?

What are the risks of gaming?

Speed ​​and ''autoplay''
The pace of the game highly affects the risk level of the game. The shorter the interval for reflection between the action and the results, the bigger the risk.


Sound and design
The games have different sound effects and visual elements designed to maximize the excitement of the players. These addictive elements increase the risk of addiction.


Constant playing
Playing for long periods of time without breaks increases the risk significantly. By playing for a longer period of time, there is a higher probability of spending more than what was actually planned. We offer several tools that help you track your playing time and spending.


Raising stakes
To increase the excitement, players may constantly raise their bets, which can eventually lead to losing control during the game.


Chances of winning
Winning brings a sense of success and happiness. Several small wins can create the illusion of increased winning odds, thereby increasing the risk of gambling addiction.