How to play responsibly? How to play responsibly?

How to play responsibly?

Rules below can help to have a safe gambling experience:

1. Gamble within affordable to your limits. You can always set a limit that suits you to limit your spending HERE
2. Do not chase losses. Don't try to get your money back quickly – it could cause more trouble.
3. Track your playing time.
4. In addition to gambling, find time for other activities. If gambling is your only entertainment, think about whether it's really worth it.
5. Take a break from time to time. If you gamble constantly, you may lose your sense of time and reality.
6. Do not gamble if you are drunk, irritated, or depressed. It can be crucial to decision-making.
7. Think about how much time and money you spend on gambling.
8. Learn about your chances of winning and how the products work.
9. If you feel that something is wrong – seek help!
10. You can always take a break from gambling by excluding yourself from our platform. It can be done HERE