How to play Fantasy Sports? How to play Fantasy Sports?

How to play Fantasy Sports?

Entering the Fantasy Sports section will take you to the lobby. The lobby displays all available leagues in which you can take part. The following information is displayed next to each league:

  • League name.
  • A timer that indicates when the event will start.
  • Number of registered teams.
  • Detailed information of the event (time of start and end of the match, number of players, buy-in, etc.).
  • Prize pool and buy-in amount
  • Number of registered players


After choosing the buy-in amount, you will be transferred to the team creation menu. In the team creation menu, you will need to assemble your team for a certain budget. Each game has its own budget and prices for players. You can also use the autocomplete feature. Having assembled the team, you need to click on “Enter Tournament” button. This will confirm your participation in the tournament and the buy-in amount will be deducted from your OlyBet balance. NB! It is not possible to cancel an entry to a tournament once you have entered. Please check that you are entering the right tournament when the system asks you “Are you sure?”.


When you created your team, you can follow it progress, make changes to the composition, trade players in the My Entries section.